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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchens are the most important and vital areas of any property, be it a home, restaurant or even office spaces. It harbors all the food we ingest and most importantly store life nourishing items.

Kitchens also attract the most amount of bacteria and viruses due to continuous activity and hosting several appliances like cookers, microwaves or utensils which over a period of time accumulate the aforementioned.

It is paramount that kitchens are deep cleaned quite often. Most of the time you order general cleaning which includes kitchen cleaning also. However, such cleaning never uses the deep cleaning techniques or reach the deep corners of your appliances, behind the cooking range, or inside the fridge cleaning.

CrystalBlue Cleaning Services has exclusively launched a dedicated kitchen deep cleaning service in Dubai owing to the demand of several customers.

With highly experienced professional cleaners and the best relevant equipment, we assure you that once you book a kitchen deep cleaning with CrystalBlue Cleaning Services in Dubai, you would repeat the decision again and again.

Our kitchen deep cleaning procedure includes the following:

Thorough steam cleaning of kitchen walls, cabinets, appliances

Deep cleaning of windows, ceilings and exhaust fans - a ladder will be provided for high ceilings

Removal of dirt, grease and grime on appliances

Deep cleaning of Internal and external storage cabinets

Cleaning of sink and wash basins

Cleaning of all stainless steel and chrome fittings, covering the entire kitchen

External cleaning of kitchen appliances example: microwave, fridge, cooking range

Intensive mopping of the kitchen floor

Scrubbing of kitchen floor with a scrubbing machine in case of large floor area - you have to choose the kitchen size option accordingly as scrubbing machines require more space for functioning

What will the professional cleaners bring?

They will carry all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials required for kitchen deep cleaning, including steamer, floor and tile cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, glass cleaners etc.